Tough "Pink" Mudder Magic


#GoGina Challenge II:

What brings 12 people and 2 supporters, who were strangers 6 months ago, together to be electrocuted in hot pink? Well it’s starts with individuals looking at their lives, looking at themselves and saying, you know what, I am capable of more. Everyone looks in the mirror and thinks this at some point, it may look/sound/feel different but it happens to us all. Some of us take a course, some of us buy a new car and some of us sign up to jump into ice bathes.

Tough Mudder has become one of the most profitable obstacle courses making Will Dean a millionaire in only 2 years. There are many business decisions that Dean made to get Tough Mudder to where it is today, but the first step was developing a good product that people want. Tough Mudder falls in line with other weekend warrior urbanathons, but what makes it different is that the focus is on camaraderie and teamwork, as opposed to “winning” or being "perfect." Player beware that the game makers have a sick obsession with live wires.

Back to the 12 apostles and their 2 supporters. Each one of us had our own #GoGina moments throughout the day; for some it was pure fitness, some it was overcoming fear of heights, for others it was being patient, for me it was being responsible for a team.

Everyone kept asking us "Who is GINA?" And our answer is, "YOU! You are Gina, she is in everyone." Gina is that place of fearless freedom in your heart. When you have a #GoGina moment, it is when your heart overrides your head.

Take aways: Supporters make everything worthwhile. I will pretty much do any physical feat as long as I have supporters holding signs and shouting my name.