LEt's make 2018 epic




The January Challenge got me thinking... instead of waiting for the 2018 challenges to knock on my door, I am going to create "challenges" for myself every month of the year. Small additions and subtractions to my lifestyle. I hope you join me! 

We all know that changing our habits can change our lives in small and enormous ways. AND we have all read (and tried) enough inspo quotes, self-help book covers and diet fads to know that habits CAN BE hard to change. Let’s do it together to make it easy. 

WHY are monthly lifestyle challenges helpful?

            Simple curated monthly challenges designed to enhance mental, emotional and physical wellness can create short-term motivation to start habit change. Some habit change means shifting to include something new and others include extinction or removal of a behavior. 

WHO do they benefit?

            EVERYONE! Find a buddy to play this game with you, it makes it more fun and easier to complete. 

HOW do you complete them?

            COMMITMENT vs INTEREST. When you commit to completing the challenge you will, if you are interested in completing the challenge you may or may not complete it.