March challenge

5 minute DAILY plank challenge

single arm plank L2.jpg

The Rules of the Challenge!

1. Plank can be broken up into different types and reps (ex. side plank, straight-arm plank, side stepping planks, etc)

2. Time rolls over day to day (ex. if you miss a day of planking, you just tack it on to the next day) 

3. Find a buddy and keep each other accountable (we are social creatures designed to work in teams ad groups) 

Q: How do you know if you’re doing them wrong?

“If you’re feeling the brunt in your lower back and arms and not through your abs, glutes and quads.”
— Jennifer Burke, Director of Education CRUNCH Fitness

Planking is the best, safest way to strengthen your core without compromising the spine. 

Here are some VARIATIONS to keep it INTERESTInG


1. Plank with landmine roll - featured in top picture! If you do not have a landmine, use a medicine ball under R hand and roll to L, repeat. 

2. Bosu plank - use Bosu instability ball under forearms to add a new challenge to the core. 

3. Side plank hip taps - drop your bottom hip to the ground and touch gentle and lift back up into a full side plank, 10-15x on each side.