May Challenge

2,000 SQUATS

500 squats 5 days a week

back squat L1 (hips down).jpg
WHY SQUATS... you ask?

Here are a few simple reasons!

  • Full body-compound (multiple joint complexes used) exercise
  • One of the most time-efficient exercise to BURN FAT / BUILD MUSCLE quickly 
  • Best functional exercise - You already do it everyday (AKA minimum using the toilet) 
  • Strengthens and tones THIGHS (stems), GLUTES (pumpkins), HAMSTRINGS (back bits), "THASS" (AKA thigh-ass) AND ABS
  • Improve base metabolic rate (metabolism) because they build muscle mass 
  • Improves performance (literally translate into the majority of movements and sports)
  • Improves bowl movements (AKA you poop easier) 

Here are some variations to mix into your workouts 

1. Rack position squats : hold kettlebells OR dumbbells at your shoulders and maintaining that position sit into full squat. 

  • Turns a squat into a full back, arm (shoulder) & CORE exercise 
  • Harder on cardio system (aka work harder burn more cals

2. Seated or "BOX"  squats : use a bench or block and sit all the way down WHILE maintaining "good" squat form (shins & torso should be parallel). 

  • Encourages activation in the posterior chain (back-flutes-hamstrings).  
  • Builds strength-power & awareness in the bottom range of the squat.