What’s YOUR Relationship With Food?


We talk about relationships with boys, girls, our families, our friends, our bosses, work colleagues… maybe even with ourselves BUT we rarely stop and wonder about our relationship with food. So what’s YOUR relationship with food?

I created a quiz with 3 major types of relationships people can have with food. We have all 3 in us at all time but we may lean more towards on style of relationship. The goal is to balance that relationship by using a few skills listed after the quiz. Take my QUIZ to find out yours!

My mum (she’s Australian, so I must spell it that way) was in town recently and I asked her what her relationship with food was. She was genuinely stumped and told me she had no idea. My mum gave birth to 5 children, has lived many lives-all over the world and has been in a marriage for 40 years YET she had never thought about her relationship with food. SOOoo I will break it down for you, the way I explained it to her.

When we are born, the first act of love our mothers-caregivers give us is a cuddle and the second act is nourishment in the form of milk. FOOD is the deepest form of nourishment from our first moments to our last moments. It is worthwhile to learn a little bit about YOUR relationship with food.