5 days

5 DAY juicy Cleanse


Juice cleanse, juice cleanse, juice cleanse....I decided about 7 days ago that it was time for me to participate in my FIRST EVER juice cleanse. WHY NOT, RIGHT?!?! I have done the master cleanse, check box (http://themastercleanse.org)

I have done an intensive alkaline food and enema retreat, check box

(http://www.bodymindretreats.com/philosophy.html). It seemed the next logical step would be a juice cleanse. For those new to cleansing it is an amazing process that allows you to really experience your mind and body connection. I have felt so high and so low throughout the last 5 days. So let me break it down real quick...

Day 1, was exciting I was proud of myself for committing, I worked out hard, felt good, if only slightly hungry. Managing the right amount of juice and timing it throughout the day seemed pretty easy. I scheduled time to make my own juices, nothing fancy just a combo of tuscan kale, carrots, lemons, green apples, celery, cucumber and ginger. Plus, I GOT to tell everyone I was on a juice cleanse! Go F*#& yourself VEGANS.

Day 2, FML... SERIOUSLY I wanted to smack everyone who agreed to do a juice cleanse with me because I could not give up on them. I was HANGRY and I did not care who knew. Honestly, there were moments were I just did not think I would be able to finish this cleanse, I was SO hungry and WEAK and TIRED and BLAh, blah blah blah... I felt like a starved lion caged and watching my pride feast, it was painful to say the least.

Day 3, residual frustrations from day 2 but something was different... I could feel that my body was adjusting or "detoxing." My #2s started to change and so did my outlook. I started to feel clear, calm and like I could go on juicing forever. Don't get me wrong there were still moments of complete and utter despair but like all good things they too passed.

Day 4, the day was amazing, I was POWERFUL, CLEAR, FOCUSED, SLAP HAPPY and most importantly juicing felt rather natural. No more blame, no more anger, no more crazed lioness smelling co-workers' food. I accomplished great things this day, however the night was rough. My body was tired and I just wanted to be horizontal resting.

Day 5, in currently... today I have been enjoying my thin figure. I have caught myself checking myself out more than a few times. There were still the ups and downs of feeling hungry and ready for food but I was not attached to them and they have passed rather uneventfully. I still have a LONG night of adventures ahead of me but so far the cleanse has passed my test... DOABLE and WORTH IT.


  1. I don't need food or coffee to feel good, I can surrender and let go of my hunger/appetite (see blog from 2013)
  2. My mind is more powerful than my body
  3. "Toxins" in my body slow me down and make me feel "foggy"
  4. Emotions ebb and flow like the ocean
  5. If I want to be thinner, I just have to juice more ;)
  6. We have have energy squirreled away everywhere... just keep digging


  1. Carry mints because your breathe is going to be HOT!
  2. BREATHE, it will pass
  3. Plan, organize and space juices throughout the day to avoid blood sugar FREAK OUTS
  4. Drink a lot of hot herbal teas (my favorite is peppermint, also helps with your breathe)
  5. Stay warm, you will feel cold
  6. Don't go anywhere that does not have a bathroom, you will be using it

VIDEOS to AMP you up: On netflix, "Juice Nation" and "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead"

website I used for recipes: http://www.justonjuice.com/7-day-juice-fast-plan/Recipes