air brushing

Air brushing + porn = no more good sex


I said this the other day as a joke but now I think there may be more to it!

"Between porn and air brushing no one is having good sex with other people anymore."~AD

Check out this video showing a model getting airbrushed, seriously made me realize how crazy marketing really has become. On a side note, there is nothing more refreshing than a Korean bath house (like Spa Castle in Queens, NY). There are women of all sizes and ages walking around naked and it always makes me remember that women are GORGEOUS; just the way we were intended to be, cellulite, hair and all.

Also, watch "Adult Entertainment: Disrobing an American Idol," (can be found on Netflix streaming)... It's a quick documentary commenting on the different social impacts porn has on our culture.OH YEAH and let's put it all together... there has a been a steady increase in women getting labial reduction surgery for cosmetic purposes. Interesting article discussing the raise in "designer vaginas"... YUP that is a THING!

PRETTY sure there is a connection between these three... what do YOU think?