Sharing is CARING


Mom was right, sharing is caring.

  1. If you're going to eat high sugar, high fat foods, share them with a friend! We are social creatures and eating is the #1 social activity we part take in. If you're getting dessert, share it! If you're eating chips or a hot dog, SHARE IT! Laugh and be grateful for company. ALL the other times that you refuel (aka eat), chose to eat something healthy and light.
  2. Think about 1 thing you can change to have a healthier diet and do it! We all know at least a few things that we do that are unhealthy. For example, I love french fries, they are delicious, but I have been trying to stay away from fries as well as other fried foods. It's not always easy, and yes I ate some sweet potato fries over the weekend, but I SHARED them with my family. The occasional does not kill you.

***reHydrate, hydrate, rehydrate***

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