When did "DIET" become "DIETING"


It seems I can't look up anything about diet or nutrition on the Internet without being hit with at least 5 links laying claim to the best form of dieting. Interestingly enough the "diet" industry in the USA is a 15 billion dollar a year industry, yet obesity and diseases caused by poor diet continues to rise, obviously, SOMETHING is not working.

DIETING. ("Fit for Life" by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond). There are 3 simple dietary choices you can make daily that will make it easy to remain healthy and not deprive yourself.

  1. TAKE back your body from your TASTE buds! Eat to live, not live to eat... it's okay to have a rich meal once in a while with friends! But for all those other meals and snacks, eat for your body by
  2. Eating a diet rich in LIVE/FRESH fruits and vegetables, as close to fresh as you can do it! SO NO canned, deep fried, fried, etc Also best to go for fruits/veggies that are:*Organic, local and in season (more nutritious and less travel time)*The more alive your food is, the more nutrients you will absorb
  3. Properly HYDRATE! At least 64 fl oz. of water a day. A normal glass of water is about 8 fl oz, therefore at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Most importantly: LAUGH, EAT and ENJOY LIFE

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