jess ennis

“Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.” ~RUMI


This picture screams, I am was HERE and that is exactly what taking your fitness to the next level is all about. Being healthy and fit is not about hitting the gym 7 times a week. Yes, that is part of it but really being in shape is that WHEREVER you are, you make the decision to be the proactive, responsibility and loving towards yourself and everyone around you.

How this can show up is taking the stairs, even when you don't feel like it, supporting the pregnant woman with her stroller, changing the toilet paper roll when it runs out*, giving yourself 15 minutes of your work day to MOVE, looking at yourself and saying "I am a SEXY beast RIGHT NOW" and most importantly running towards LOVE and not away from FEAR.

How I work out matters, like most physically active people, I can use training as a tool to reset myself. It's a way to run, sometimes literally, away from my "problems." They are always waiting for me after and I do always feel in a better mind to deal with them but "what if" I trained in a space of unconditional love? Running towards something is much more inspiring that running away from something. So I guess what I am saying is... when I honor and respect myself in my workout what is possible for me is peace, freedom and acceptance. My workout becomes about the process and not about the results. Trust me when we come from this place the results will come... What is possible is the feeling that we see on Jess's face and body above.

**favorite quote from college... "There are two types of people in this world, those who change the toilet roll in the bathroom drunk at a party and those who do not. You're changing the paper and that's what I love about you." ~Ms. Jackson love you always