What are HIIT classes and how long are they?

High Intensity Interval Training is categorized by short bursts of intense exercise followed by rest. Our classes are 50 minutes of HIIT.


This style of training works well in the group setting because the trainer can demonstrate the next interval while the class participants rest. Also, HIIT is effective for burning a lot of calories in a short period of time, both during and for 48 hours after exercise (based off the EPOC effect). We choose HIIT training because it complements our personal training program and provides the “cardio” element clients need to perform on their “off-training” days.

Can anyone take the classes?

Yes, these they are all level classes, with different options for different skill and fitness levels. If you do have injuries or vulnerabilities please tell teacher before class begins so they can provide safe alternatives for exercises that could cause harm.

Are they safe?

Yes, our trainers are certified in both personal training as well as group fitness.