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Guest Lecturer at the Chicago School of Professional  Psychology 

Guest Lecturer at the Chicago School of Professional  Psychology 


Lesley Mendoza

I have been training with Amelia since August 2013 and since then I lost 16 pounds! The best thing about Amelia is that she will get to know you and will make you feel empowered. Her greatest skill is helping you find your own willpower and making you believe you can achieve new goals - but the goals aren't easy and she will challenge you. Six months later, I am now training for my first half marathon. She has officially turned this non-runner into a runner. Thank you Amelia!

Annette Norgaard

I lost almost 40 lbs over the 8 months I worked out with Amelia, going from 36% body fat to 28%. I dropped two sizes from a 10 to a 6, but most of all my attitude towards working out changed to one of joy and balance rather than plight. I am still a size 6, strong, balanced and happy about it - Thank you Amelia, you changed my life.
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Rachel Levi, Crunch, NYC

I trained under Amelia for 6 months here in New York and immediately saw a dramatic difference in my fitness and body shape. In just two weeks I had abs! I was motivated by Amelia's focus on learning the specific personality of my body and her incredibly warm, friendly, and understanding manner.

Rebecca Ginsberg

I started seeing Amelia 9 months before my wedding. I never enjoyed working out and I hated going to the gym. I was a size 6 and I wanted to slim down and tone for my wedding By the time my wedding rolled around I was 15 pounds down and a size zero! And for the first time in my adult life, I had toned arms Now a year later (and 4 months post-wedding) I am still at that size. 

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