Interval Training and Supersets

HiIT Training

What is HIIT? Or Interval Training?

High Intensity Interval Training is short bursts of intense exercise followed by rest.


It is time efficient and effective at burning calories both during and for 48 hours after exercising. Your body continues to burn calories after HIIT because of EPOC or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, basically your body is like “OH, SNAP, I have no oxygen left anymore, I need to consume more to restock my shelves.” HIIT is less mentally draining than endurance or steady state exercise, with immediate goals and short-term completion “rewards” throughout the workout. LASTLY, HIIT is better than endurance training at building aerobic capacity and you break down less muscle fiber.

Do you ever add endurance training to programs?

Yes, it depends on your goals, personal preference, what you have done in the past for fitness and athletics and most importantly how much TIME do you have to exercise. Steady state cardio and endurance training have profound health and mental benefits.

Super Sets

What are super sets?

They are when two exercises are performed one after another with little to no rest, often it is with different muscle groups and/or movement patterns. However, it can also be done with the same muscle group. There are also SUPER DUPER sets, which are three exercises performed back to back with little rest.

Why do you do Super Sets?

They are time efficient, as you will be turning your rest period into an “active recovery” time and working through it. They also create the correct biological and hormonal environment to build muscle in the body.