Roll It! Method

Roll it Method is a key component to maintaining a consistent and long-term relationship with fitness. Basically, it is a way to manage pain and chronic body alignment issues that arise from sitting for long periods time, repetitive stress injuries, scar tissue build up and any other bodily aches and pains from our “modern” way of living (aka LONG hours seated and in front of screens).

What is Roll It Method?

Roll it method is a trigger point system designed to increase range of motion around the joints. It is like foam rolling except that the pressure is directed to one specific spot or trigger point. Roll It Method can be intense and when done correctly highly effective.

Why is it important to include in my fitness plan?

Improvements in joint range of motion and muscle flexibility creates better movement mechanics, posture and in turn form in the gym. Form is everything when you are working out because you want to make sure you engage the correct muscles in the best possible way every single rep, every single set.

Why do I need to roll my muscles?

Muscles are like rubber bands, with the ability to extend and contract. Unfortunately, just like a rubber band, our muscles can get “knots” in them. If you tie a bunch of knots into a rubber band and then try and stretch it, the band will only be able to stretch if the knots will allow. At the same time, the area around the “knotted” rubber band AKA muscle will become over stretched or extended potentially causing vulnerability to injury.

How much time do I need to spend rolling?

You want the muscle to “release” or “relax” so it is more about intention that time. When you are rolling, you want to take deep breaths and mentally focus on relaxing the muscle you are rolling. Once you feel your muscle start to “unwind” or release you can move to another area. It is best to roll moderately and frequently to release your muscles especially after a long day of sitting.

Can I over roll a muscle?

Yes, you can cause soft tissue damage If you roll on the same muscle group for too long in one sitting or if you roll it every day without giving the muscle time to recover.