Casey Mauro

Why did you become a personal trainer?

I became a personal trainer because I am a movement scientist by nature and a seasoned teacher of 17 years. With a degree in Biology and Neuroscience and as a professional dancer, my life revolves around fitness and health. I had teachers who took me under their wings and worked with me to find what worked best to improve my body mechanics, prevent injury and keep me mentally prepared. A focused one on one relationship with someone who is there to help achieve goals is invaluable and transformational all the way down to the cellular level. Want change? Need that extra edge? Visualize it, and do it. Easier said than done and working with clients as a personal trainer, I am that mirror to help recognize what the goal is and the most effective way to implement a lifestyle and create the change. It is not just about the physical training. There is mental training, lifestyle training, relationship training, It is all “personal” because everyone is different. Everyone’s inner superhero radiates differently so it is my duty and extreme joy as a trainer to help tune that inner radio to the most optimal frequency.

What has been the biggest influence on your training?

Dance. Dance. Dance. I lived in NYC for 7 years as a professional dancer/model/actor while getting my degree in Biology and Neuroscience. Showing up late to my first Organic Chemistry Lab at a new school to go to an Avril Lavine Music Video audition or starting a titration lab and jetting to a last minute casting to make it back in time to finish the lab is just the tip of the iceberg of how jam packed I made my life. I wanted to do it all, and I did… with a hidden sacrifice. Relax? Unwind? Downtime? Those words were for the weak in my mind.  I ran my body down while only consuming Trader Joe’s frozen fruit and peanut butter/banana sandwiches for three meals a day. I was constantly injured to some degree but never stopped. I even got a concussion and continued to perform in an Off-Broadway show for three months because “ I was fine” A Type A Personality, endorphins and willpower will do that you. I would ignore the signs my body was telling me and push myself through every day. There came a point where I hit rock bottom, my brain started short circuiting (for lack of better terms) and if I wanted to continue to dance, changes needed to be made and training was my savior. Adopting training into my regime built balanced, strong muscles vs the extremely flexible muscles, ligaments and imbalances of a dancer’s body while improving neurological function with the help of Healers. I am now much stronger and healthier as a dancer thanks to my trainers who showed me proper alignment, techniques and strategies for optimal performance.

What is your go-to exercise and why?

Burpees for the win. You don’t need any equipment so there is no excuse and they are a nice blend of cardio and strength training. It’s like a well rounded meal with all the flavors. Burpees are a compound movement so you are using the entire body synergistically hitting more than one muscle group with tons of variations to keep it fresh and challenging. Burpees are like almond butter. Satisfying at any time of day and always hits the spot!  

What is your go-to meal and why?

Ice cream is one of my favorite foods and since it’s not acceptable to eat it for breakfast or in the general vast amounts I am capable of consuming, I have redefined ice cream and make it work for me after my workout. *Insert my Green protein smoothie here* I make my own almond milk, add a frozen banana, handful of greens, spirulina, chia seeds, flax seeds, turmeric, ginger, protein powder and cocoa nibs, blend it up and BAM! It is the Haagen Dazs of smoothies. Your welcome.

What is your favorite song to workout?

Nikki Manaj Super Bass. Rapping with her pumps me up.

What don’t we know about Casey?

I am a Jersey Girl who grew up blocks from the ocean so I am basically a fish and would rather be in the water than on land (even though I don’t float) When the swell hits SoCal, you can bet your ass I’ll be in the water surfing. I am continuing my education as a Yoga Therapist and strategically have class 1.5 miles from El Porto so I can surf dawn patrol before an eight hour day of absorbing the latest science and research in Integrative Medicine. I also grew up riding horses and my horse Socks who had amazing eye brows and flaming red hair. He was my everything for 17 years and will always be the only ginger I will ever love.