Why and how did you become a personal trainer?

I became a Personal Trainer initially, because I realized as an athlete I wanted to expand my knowledge of my sport and improve how my body performed.  In 2011 my competitive Skating career ended when I broke my hip.  I was in the gym going through intense rehab, mad at the world and feeling defeated, and then the lightbulb went off in my head and I realized that my recovery could be a huge opportunity for me in a new career path.  I’d worked as a trainer before, but mostly with other Ice Skaters. So, I got a Job at a local Gym as a Personal Trainer and started learning about body movement, corrective exercise, and other forms of functional training.  While I learned how to heal my own body, I realized that I had a very detailed eye for seeing how my clients bodies moved improperly and helped them correct their movement patterns with terrific success.  Over the last 6 years i’ve found my niche and everything I have done since then has created what i feel i do best as a Personal Trainer.  “ I change the way people move”  for the better and help them discover their own freedom of movement.

What is your go-to exercise and why?

Barbell deadlifts are my favorite exercise. First, I love how strong I feel pulling the weight of the bar, the movement make me feel powerful and grounded.  Second, after my hip injury, my ability to do squats was compromised because of the pain I  felt every time I would do them.  Barbell deadlifts allowed me to strengthen and realign my hips, while connecting my upper and lower body in a way i had never felt before.

What is your go-to meal and why?

My go-to health-conscious meal is a Salad bowl of Arugula, grilled chicken, rice, tomato, avocado, & red onion.  Drizzled with some Olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt & pepper.  It’s so easy to prepare and really hits the spot after a great workout.  My go-to less health-conscious meal is 100% thin crust Brooklyn style PIZZA! #loveofmylife 🙌🏾

What is your favorite song to workout?

Favorite workout song ... yikes that’s a really hard question! I mean it’s usually for me about the mood I’m in and then the sound that makes me feel good in the moment.  However my current JAM is 10,000 hours by, Ella Mai.  It’s got such a sick beat, and no matter how I’m feeling it just puts a smile on my face and makes me want to groove and dance.

What don’t we know about Tashe?

I  was a competitive and professional Figure Skater for 20 years. Performing in Ice Shows touring Italy, Spain, France, and the Caribbean for 2 years.  Even though I love to skate, I actually can’t stand being cold!!  I lived in England for a year on a Royal Air Force base.  I worked for Crunch Fitness in SF and LA for over 4 years as a Master trainer as well as Assistant Fitness Manager.