It's Just Biology, B*tch

We live in a society that likes to moralize every decision you make from how well you’re doing at your career... “they are doing a GOOD or BAD job” to how much and what food you eat... “GOOD” foods vs “BAD” foods. AND we all know we do the good-girl/good-boy Vs bad-girl/bad-boy monologue in our heads.

I have spent a decade learning the SCIENCE behind WHY, HOW & WHAT the human MIND-BODY is capable of. AND what I have to say is that “it’s just biology, b*tch.” Simple facts lead to true understanding and incredible results.

3 facts we start with: 

  1. Everyone falls into 1 primary and possibly 2 secondary BODY TYPES (here’s my quiz if you don’t know yours yet).

  2. Each body type metabolizes food, builds muscles, and burns fat slightly differently.

  3. You can’t change your body type, BUT you can learn how-to train and eat for it to get the best results.



Let’s be honest working out is uncomfortable, basically simulates a panic attack (shortness of breath, racing heart, sweaty palms, etc). It is clear that we ALL have different relationships with that feeling. For some people, like a distance runner, relish that feeling and for others that feeling is AVOIDED at all costs.