Girl, Eat Your VEGGIES

You want the secret sauce? It’s VEGGIES, biatch! Regular old boring veggies. Seriously, they have been working for millions of years and will keep working. The closer your food is the SUN the better it is for you...

Now, what does that mean? It means that food that is getting its nutrients from the SUN - aka plants - have some of the best types of energy found on this planet for the human body. PS, you also need the sun because, like the veggies you eat, your body truly needs SUNLIGHT - aka vitamin D - to properly metabolize nutrients, burn fat and build muscle....not to mention feeling “good” by supporting your neurological (brain-mind) health.


Here are the top 3 reasons why vegetables are your BFF:

  1. Beauty: Literally your skin, teeth, whites of your eyes, and breath quality improve drastically when you EAT YA VEGGIES.

  2. Health: Digestion & gut health are immediately improved with the increase of VEGGIE intake. Oh and not to mention, VEGGIE consumption can increase lifespan, plus decrease overall probability in cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, as well as lower blood pressure & cholesterol.

  3. Fitness: Endurance, performance & muscle recovery are highly affected by veggies, due to the high volume of nutrients, minerals and water that are found in natural veggies.


So what are your staples? With summer here, there are so many veggies and fruits in season. Which have you become your new BFF? Let me know what’s on your plate!