Girl, Drink Water.

WHY do I care so much about drinking water? It’s the single most important activity you can do to stay healthy & get FIT AF. Don’t trust me? Ask the doctors.

3 Signs You Are Dehydrated:

  1. You have a headache 

  2. Your muscles are cramping (toe cramp, charley horse, stomach cramp) 

  3. You are constipated or have diarrhea 

3 Signs You Are Hydrated:

  1. Your pee is clear 

  2. You don’t feel “thirsty” or “hungry” - sometimes thirst gets translated to hunger in our mind

  3. Your skin snaps back from a pinch - if the skin on your stomach or back of your arms snaps back into place, you’re hydrated!

How MUCH water should you drink to be hydrated daily?! *Your weight in LBS x .67 = how many ounces aka your daily water goal*.

How-to use your daily water goal: 

  • Figure out how many bottles or cups of water you need to meet your water goal.

  • Track your cups & bottles to tally up your ounces

3 tricks to GAMIFY staying hydrated

  1. Drink water EVERY other time you look at your phone 😱

  2. Drink water every time you look on social media and think, WTF how come I & my life don’t look like “X” person (aka comparison) 🙏

  3. Use your “college skills” and have a water-chugging competition 🤙